Floyd Mayweather Gets Yaya & NBA Youngboy's Son Some Ice

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Floyd Mayweather Yaya NBA Youngboy Kentrell Jr
Youngboy Never Broke Again's baby with Yaya Mayweather is already iced-out.

Kentrell Jr. doesn't even know how to tell time yet, but his grandfather is making sure that the newborn is iced out to the max, placing a baby Rolex on his wrist.

Yaya Mayweather recently welcomed her first child into the world with Youngboy Never Broke Again, naming their son after the rapper. While he has seemingly already moved on to his next romantic exploit, Yaya has been taking care of their newborn, often popping up on social media with her famous father Floyd, who seemingly has a bit of baby fever. Completely in love with his grandbaby, Floyd has been taking every opportunity to bond with little KJ, making sure that he follows the family's tradition of being dressed to the nines at all times

Showing off on Instagram Stories, Yaya posted an adorable picture of Kentrell Jr.'s tiny wrist outfitted with a brand new gold Rolex watch. "KJ's papa got him his first Rolex," wrote Yaya, tagging her boxer dad. Considering the amount of jewelry that Floyd has flexed for the last decade, it shouldn't come as a surprise that all of his children and grandchildren are also iced out. This is the same man that has multi-million dollar watches in his collection-- it's only right that he shares the wealth.

The majority of commenters are pointing out what an unnecessary purchase this was, criticizing Floyd for dropping so much money on a watch that KJ will grow out of pretty soon. We're sure he can afford it though.

Do you like Kentrell Jr.'s baby Rolex?

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