After a week of being dragged for a “fake custom Gucci outfit” from several rappers in the industry, YK Osiris received a new Louis Vuitton jacket from Virgil Abloh. 

“I love you big bro,” the rapper captioned a video where he showed off the latest fit. “I appreciate it bro,” YK said in the background of the video, as he showed off the red varsity style jacket, which feature the words “Vuitton” embroidered on a patch across it. YK added that the menswear designer sent the jacket to him, himself.

The jacket also still had the tags on, to prove its authenticity. Even Louis Vuitton didn’t impress some fans who commented below the video post, though.

“The high school musical jacket,” one fan commented. Still, some consider it an upgrade from the Gucci jacket that was the topic of conversation for several days.

Althouh YK Osiris proved the pieces of his retouched Gucci fit were indeed authentic, the rap community proceeded to tell him it was garbage

In the original video, Osiris strutted down a hotel hallway in the personally-tailored pieces. He revealed that a designer-friend customized the one-of-a-kind outfit that he was extremely proud of. However, 21 Savage and Mustard were the most vocal about their distaste for his bold fashion choice.

21 Savage telling Osiris that he looked like a “suitcase” was the most talked-about comment, to the point where T.I. chimed in saying it was the “funniest shit he’s seen all day.” Several Clubhouse chatrooms were created for the sole purpose of flaming the jacket.

21 Savage went on live with the “Money Keep Coming” singer and roasted him further. 

“I’m just telling you if Jesus Christ made it, I would’ve gave it back,” the “Mr. Right Now” rapper said. 

Virgil Abloh’s public support shut down some of the criticism Osiris received from his fashion choices. The kind and very expensive gesture was cool to see. 

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