Back in December of last year, it was reported that the star of Netflix’s Tiger King Joe Exotic had reached out to part-time lawyer Kim Kardashian to help him receive a presidential pardon. Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, pleaded with Kim in a letter, writing, “Please help me by just taking 10 minutes out of your life and placing a call to President Trump to look at my 257-page pardon.” Unfortunately for Maldonado-Passage, the White House released a list of pardons early Wednesday morning and he was not included

The Netflix star is serving a 22-year sentence in a Fort Worth, Texas federal prison for his conviction on charges in a murder-for-hire plot and for violating federal wildlife laws. In his request, his legal argument was that he was “just some gay, gun-toting redneck in Oklahoma” before his recent fame and he did not get a fair trial.

Private investigator Eric Love has been handling the Free Joe Exotic campaign, and he waited outside of the Texas prison with a Dodge Limo on Tuesday (January 19th) in time for the hopeful release of Exotic. Supporters lined up as well hoping to catch a glimpse of the former wildlife sanctuary owner. “I’m out here, I’m excited,” said one supporter. “My daughter wants to get his autograph. I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’re just out here watching and waiting.”

Exotic has previously sued the Justice Department for rejecting his presidential pardon application in September of last year.