Celebrities have been taking on the viral #BussItChallenge from Erica Banks’ Billboard Hot 100 hit “Buss It” for the last two weeks, showing off their “Megan knees,” but Queen Naija revealed she wasn’t blessed with the talent others seem to have. 

The singer shared a post on her Instagram story of her checking if she was eligible to take on the challenge, and she quickly realized that it did not come easy in her hilarious failed attempt. 


“I failed; I don’t have Meg knees… sorry,” Naija said,” I look like an inchworm.”

The Michigan native recorded herself dropping to her knees in her kitchen and tipping over after several seconds of attempting to do the challenge. In the video, the look of regret on her face said everything we needed to know.

“She sat down like ‘yeah this ain’t fa me,’” one user commented. However, Queen Naija came to her own rescue and was quick to defend her honor. 

Under The Shade Room’s post, she commented, “Oh nah, y’all wrong for this. Lol. I been had a bad knee since I sprained it at Sky Zone in 2017.

On a different note, other stars nailed the #BussItChallenge. Gabrielle Union and Iggy Azalea posted their takes on the viral trend earning nods and lots of excitement from Erica Banks herself. Fans have been calling out Mulatto and Nicki Minaj to post their videos doing the challenge as well, but neither has obliged us just yet– time will tell. 

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