Yella Beezy Arrested In Dallas: Report

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The rapper was allegedly arrested in his home city over the weekend.

It looks like Yella Beezy may have gotten himself into a little bit of trouble. According to reports, Beezy, née Markies Deandre Conway, was arrested in his home city of Dallas, Texas Valentine's Day weekend. Records from the official Dallas County website show that he was arrested and booked on Saturday night (February 13) just before 11 pm. 

According to reports, Beezy, who was raised in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of the city, was detained in the same locality. While there has not been an official statement released by Dallas police about the arrest, fans have come up with their own theories about what went down. Videos of police making the arrest made the rounds on social media in a viral tweet, which added he was donning a bulletproof vest while riding through the city when the arrest was made. 

Fans speculated the arrest may have something to do with the Mo3 murder back in November 2020. Beezy and the fellow Dallas-based rapper had long-standing beef before he was shot dead. According to TMZ, the beef even led to a lawsuit back in January 2020 over an alleged assault outside a Dallas nightclub.

While there is no evidence against Beezy to support this theory, many blamed him for Mo3's death. One user wrote, "Yella Beezy got arrested in connection to a murder... and don’t come at me talking about false news cause I was right the last time.”

The arrest comes weeks after he released the video for his track, ‘Is You F**kin.’ We'll keep you updated with further developments in the story.

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