Yella Beezy might be blowing up right now but the rapper's still facing some issues over alleged local feuds. According to TMZ, Yella Beezy has been sued over an alleged assault against a rival rapper's manager. Brandon Rainwater, who reportedly managed Mo3, said that Yella Beezy and his crew beat him down outside of a Dallas strip club and left him with a dislocated hip.

Rainwater revealed that he pulled up to V Live in Dallas last month when he attempted to get inside of the club. Security then told him to wait outside before things allegedly escalated quickly. Rainwater said that one of the security guards pulled up on him with a gun while Yella Beezy stood behind him. At that point, the alleged victim reportedly tried to evade the scene but he claims Beezy and his crew ran him down and beat him down.

In the documents filed in court, Rainwater said that Beezy and the company then went back to the strip club parking lot where they're seen bragging about the incident in a video. 

Rainwater is aiming for Beezy's pockets after being hospitalized and having to undergo physical therapy. Rainwater is now suing V Live and Yella Beezy. The club for poor security and Yella Beezy for the assault. Rainwater is demanding $1M for the damages.