While Eminem has made a lasting impact on the music industry for years to come, being that iconic means his tumultuous personal life was also subject to increased scrutiny from the media, namely his marriage with his ex Kim Scott. While the relationship soured, they did produce one daughter together, Hailie Jade Mathers. Em’s daughter is a busy Instagram influencer topping in at over 2 million followers, so she is no stranger to the attention. The 25-year-old brunette modeled a pair of fitted mom jeans in her story Thursday (January 14th), flaunting her curvy physique. 


In the clip uploaded to her story, Hailie told fans she just had to come show off the contoured jeans. “They’re called loose mom jeans,” she said as she gestured to the tag on the pants’ behind. “But look how flattering these are,” she said as she showed her curves to the mirror. “And they’re so comfortable, and breathable, stretchable material.”

The influencer then added that she has trouble finding mom jeans that fit well both at the waist and around her hips. “So I am super impressed, and I had to share them,” she said. At the end of the clip, she called them her “new favorite pair of jeans.” Mathers attached a link to the jeans and another pair that she modeled for followers in her story. Check out the video below for yourself.


As for her famous father, Em and Snoop Dogg have just recently called a cease-fire on their feud