I’m sure plenty of people probably would’ve lost their minds throughout the pandemic if it weren’t for TikTok. The platform became one of the biggest in social media and the viral challenges it produced have spilled into other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Beyond that, it’s also been an incredibly useful tool for artists to get their music to spread quickly. Often times, it’s songs that have been out for a while that end up gaining traction months down the line.


That’s the case with Erica Banks’ hit record, “Bussit.” The single was released in 2020 and received some support upon its release but it wasn’t until the past few weeks that it began to make a global impact. Women from across the world have been showcasing their at-home look vs. done-up swag over the course of a few seconds on TikTok. It’s taken on a South Asian remix, as well, with many of the industry’s most prominent women sharing their own version of the challenge.

The latest being none other than Iggy Azalea. The Australian rapper slid through with a quick TikTok beginning with her in sweats before switching out into more sexy attire fitting for the song’s theme.

While she did receive certain criticism for her take on the challenge, she did get approval from the only person that really matters: Erica Banks. The Dallas rapper hit Twitter with excitement by Iggy’s approval of the song. It’s certainly a big look for Banks and with the recent success, it doesn’t seem like things will be slowing down for her anytime soon. 

Check out Iggy’s take on the #BussItChallenge below as well as Erica Banks’ reaction.