Lil Uzi Vert’s Instagram Live sessions are often the only bit of insight that we have into his life. And while he’s relatively low-key, for the most part, it became a hub for fans to gather to hear new music. Last night, the rapper was on Instagram Live where he was with a lady-friend. Now, that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for Uzi but it seems that he was trying to keep whatever he was doing on the hush. 

A video was shared to Instagram Live of Uzi’s latest IG Live where he was seated in a vehicle with who many presumed to be JT. However, since they haven’t necessarily made their relationship “IG official” or whatever, the rapper was attempting to connect with his fans without making it too obvious. “Shut up,” he tells his lady friend who then proceeds to shut down his IG Live session completely.

Mind you, no one saw her face. It was only her nails and voice that Internet sleuths were left to work with. However, it definitely didn’t take long for anyone to identify both the nails and the voice as JT’s. Fans quickly pointed to a video that JT posted earlier that revealed her nails as well as the car she’s in as evidence that it was her in the car with Uzi.