Eminem’s Shady Records empire has undergone a drastic change since its heydey in the early millennium. Recall a time when 50 Cent, D12, and Obie Trice represented the label with albums like Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, D12 World, and Cheers, all of which featured a heavy presence from Slim Shady himself. Today, Em feels far less removed from the label that bears his name, despite its roster boasting the impressive lineup of Boogie, Westside Gunn, and Conway — all of whom have released projects within the past two years. 

Westside Gunn Laughs At Eminem's Lack Of "WMTS" Promotion
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And while it was Westside Gunn’s Who Made The Sunshine that marked the most recent Shady Records release, Eminem’s involvement in the album was all-but-nonexistent. That’s not to say Gunn needed or even wanted a Slim feature, but he likely could have benefitted from the legendary rapper’s gargantuan reach. Especially since his temperature toward Shady Records hasn’t always been the most favorable. It’s not entirely uncommon to see him voicing his frustration with the label over matters of exposure and promotion.

Over the weekend, Gunn once again found himself unable to contain his innermost feelings of annoyance. Following Eminem’s Instagram post promoting Alchemist’s brand new album The Food Villainone of Em’s followers called the rapper out for neglecting to post about Gunn’s Shady debut. Gunn himself slid through to issue a response, albeit entirely emoji-based, that paints a vivid picture of his temperament: three crying-laughter emojis followed by three “shhhh” emojis. In other words, yep, but we don’t talk about that.

It’s unfortunate to see that Griselda’s Shady stint hasn’t always been the most harmonious, given how dominant the Buffalo label has been this year. Here’s hoping that things can change for the better upon the release of Conway’s Shady Records debut God Don’t Make Mistakes. In the meantime, be sure to go check out Westside Gunn’s Who Made The Sunshine right here.  

Westside Gunn Laughs At Eminem's Lack Of "WMTS" Promotion

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