When music veterans sit down with The Art of Dialogue, they always reveal some explosive behind-the-scenes information. Industry professionals who have worked with or befriended some of our favorite rappers often sit down years later to give a bit of gossip, and that’s what recently occurred when Death Row producer Kurt Kobane, real name Curtis Couthon, chatted with the outlet about Dr. Dre.

We’ve received a bevy of information regarding Dre’s personal life in the past year as his highly publicized divorce from Nicole Young has taken over headlines, but Kobane has made claims that have stolen attention away from relationship woes. According to him, Michel’le—who was in a relationship with Dre in the 1990s and is the mother to his son Marcel—told Tupac Shakur that she caught the producer in bed with a man named Bruce.

Michel'le Denies Producer's Claims That She Caught Dr. Dre With A Man: Report
Angela Weiss / Stringer / Getty Images

After the story went viral, The Neighborhood Talk exclusively reported that Michel’le denied the claim, calling it a lie. She reportedly added that she had several talks with Tupac, but none of them were ever about Dre’s sexuality. The outlet also claims that the singer was “shocked” that someone would “make something like that up.”

Elsewhere in his interview, Kobane also stated that there were plenty of ladies who were calling Tupac, including a teenage Monica who was swerved because of her age. “I mean, from Left Eye to Monica…and Monica was only fifteen,” said Kobane. “She wasn’t getting callbacks or anything like that. You can’t name a female from ’95 [or] ’96 that wasn’t calling Tupac. Monica couldn’t get back there, she couldn’t get the phone calls. I’d be hanging out by the receptionist desk and a lot of times it was Monica calling. She could never get back to the studio. She was too young.”

Check out clips of Kobane’s interview below where he also claims Halle Berry sent Suge Knight—who is Michel’le’s ex-husband and the father of her second child—love letters along with The Neighborhood Talk‘s report below.