Lil Baby Catches Rylo Rodriguez Sleeping While Standing Up

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Rapper Rylo Rodriguez attends the Travis Scott "Franchise" celebration event
Following a similar situation with 42 Dugg, Lil Baby's slump cam finds Rylo Rodriguez.

Over the past couple of years, QC artist Lil Baby has been building a record label of his own. His label, Four Pockets Full, has so far signed the likes of "Wild Child" rapper Noodah05, Detroit artist 42 Dugg, and Mobile, Alabama's own Rylo Rodriguez. The label's roster, like Lil Baby, is known for its hard work and prolific output, so maybe that's why so many videos of 4PF artists sleeping keep popping up on social media.

During Super Bowl weekend, Lil Baby caught 42 Dugg slipping at a club, as the Yung & Turnt 2 rapper was spotted slumped despite the loud music and excitement surrounding him. Lil Baby took the opportunity to roast his close collaborator, saying, "It's time to go home Dugg tired."

Now, it appears that an additional member of the 4PF roster can't fight their sleep. In one of Lil Baby's Instagram story posts, GIHF rapper Rylo Rodriguez is filmed sleeping, but his appearance on Baby's slump cam is a bit more unsettling than 42 Dugg's. Rodriguez is seen in the video sleeping while standing up.

DJ Akademiks crops the video, but when looking at Lil Baby's story, you can see that Rylo is also holding his phone throughout all of this. Even as his phone sounds off from a notification, the Alabama rapper continues to snore and get some much-needed rest. After seeing both Dugg and Rodriguez slumped in just a matter of days, it looks like Lil Baby's 4PF artists could definitely use some time off.

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