Mary J. Blige Shares Fond Biggie Memories Of “What’s The 411” Studio Session

The singer dropped by Naomi Campbell’s talk show to share some memories.

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Mary J. Blige Shares Fond Biggie Memories Of “What’s The 411” Studio Session

When you have classics to your name and a tenure in the game as long as Mary J. Blige, you're bound to meet lots of interesting people and have plenty of interesting memories to match.

The singer appeared on Naomi Campbell's quarantine talk show No Filter with Naomi, where guests join the supermodel via webcam to chat about life and work. 

The two caught up and touched on career milestones, namely meeting the late rapper in a recording session for his "What's the 411" remix.

"He was sweet and fun," she fondly recalled.

The singer reminisced that Big mostly kept to himself, preferring to "[lean] on the wall, smoking, and quiet" while waiting to enter the booth. She smiled remembering the rapper's nickname for her.

"When he came out [of the studio], he was like, ‘You feeling that, mom?’ and I was like “Yeah! Of course I’m feeling that!'" she said. "He was always humble and quiet and sweet. And fun, just a lot of fun." 

Mary J. Blige Shares Fond Biggie Memories Of "What's The 411" Studio Session
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Later in the interview, Campbell implored the singer to share the story of how she was first discovered. 

After recording a tape in a shopping mall, Blige's stepfather passed the tape to a singer, who then passed the tape along to late Motown CEO and Diddy mentor Andre Harrell. The exec was so impressed by the tape, he pulled up to Blige's house to sign her.

"Andre looked at me and was like 'Oh my God, you’re a star,'" she remembered. "He came to my hood, and heard this young girl sing, and gave me a chance. Everything else was history."

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