Lil Durk Reveals What He & Young Thug Were Looking At In Popular Meme

Lil Durk speaks on the famous picture of him and Young Thug in the studio, which is often used as a meme.

BYAlex Zidel
Lil Durk Reveals What He & Young Thug Were Looking At In Popular Meme

The Young Thug and Lil Durk troubleshooting photo lives on in 2020 as one of the greatest hip-hop-related memes of our time. In it, the Slime God looks concerned as he tries to fix an important issue on the computer. Lil Durk looks on, sitting next to Thug and placing his trust in the Atlanta rapper.

Recording and mixing engineer Alex Tumay has already explained his version of the picture, suggesting that Thug is actually pretty good at using ProTools and that he was probably zoned in on some vocals. "Probably automating volume or arranging vocals," explained Tumay. Lil Durk has a different recollection of that night.

The image popped up again on Durkio's feed, which prompted him to reveal what exactly the duo of rappers was looking at, explaining their looks.

"Whatever he showed Durk this night made that n***a evolve," joked one fan, showing a still of Durk in the "Laugh Now Cry Later" video to mark his growth. The Chicago voice took time to reply to the post, finally divulging on what was on the screen.

"He showed me 20million," revealed Durk.

His response can likely be written off as a troll himself. Whatever birthed this image is probably a story for Durk and Thug exclusively. 

Whatever they were looking at, be it a large sum of money or some unmixed vocals, Durk and Thug came through with one of the best hip-hop memes of this generation so, thank you.


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