Benzino Calls Out His Daughter Coi Leray

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Benzino Coi Leray
Benzino calls out his own daughter Coi Leray for saying that he let her down as a father in her new song.

Coi Leray is having a moment right now, watching her career blossom with the release of her hit single "No More Parties". She's also been working with a number of artists that are helping her elevate, including Lil Durk, Pooh Shiesty, and more. 

Unfortunately, tied to her success has been the drama within her family, most notably between the artist and her father Benzino. You likely already know about Benzino's history -- the man has long been a headline mainstay on HotNewHipHop and other rap blogs. He's known for beefing with rappers like Eminem, but apparently, he's also got issues with his own daughter after Coi called him out on her new track.

"My daddy let me down, but I promise you I won’t let up/I wanna say f*ck that man, but that sh*t won’t make me better," raps Coi Leray on "No More Parties". The song is her most successful record to date, and it continues performing extremely well on streaming and social media. Judging from Benzino's latest posts, he's not happy with Coi's bars about him, and he's gone so far as to call her out publicly about them.

"Y’all goofy mfs get off my timeline wit that stupid sh*t," wrote Benzino on Instagram, sharing a video of him with his daughter during a car ride. "I been posting and supporting, so idk where all this bs is comming from. That linr in her song is [cap]. my name and rep is very important to me and nobody is gonna tarnish that for story line u dig? I still love u very much coileray but this gotta stop. I don’t need clout, I am and always will be the clout and I’m very proud of what you are doing so I don’t need to prove nothing to anyone.

You know I was there in your life every step of the way and when sh*t got rough I still was there. Don’t matter though, this industry is full of f*ck n***az and b*tches, so I’m always here when sh*t get thick I’m just 7 numbers away. Tell your mother enough is enough, I took care her, you Taj and your two brothers whom have their own fathers and I treated them like mines. I don’t want or need credit, I was suppose to do all that and I did. I realize a lot of y’all out there grew up hard without the love of your fathers because they were absent. Well I’m not one of those fathers. I was there period. Now stay tf off my timeline with that goofy shit."

Apparently, that wasn't enough because he made a second post, responding to a fan's comment supporting him. 

"Maaaan I watched n***as totally ignore they’re kids and never did sh*t fir them. Was it right? No, but I would never judged nor would I comment," said Benzino. "It’s unfortunate but it was never my business to say anything. I’m upset because I did everything right and now being lied on. F*ck all that. I don’t like that. Coi was raised in mansions and had everything she ever asked for. My other 2 sons are grown and would never say these things. It’s wrong and f*ck who thinks different. Her mother has a lot to do with this slimey sh*t anyway. Leave tf me alone with this bs fr. Some of y’all are crossing a dangerous line and I’ve have had enough and it’s too much."

What do you make of Benzino's beef with his daughter Coi Leray?

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