While Eminem is riding the wave of Music To Be Murdered By - Side Bhis right-hand man is left fending off a sworn enemy of the Shady camp -- Benzino. Since mid-November, Zino's been revisiting his feud with Eminem only to trade barbs with Royce Da 5'9". It's escalated over the past few days, especially as Benzino proposed he and Royce battle it out on Verzuz. He even went on to ask whether Royce had a bigger hit than "Rock The Party."


Evidently, things didn't end there and the disrespect continued. Even as Rihanna shook her head in dismay at Zino's attempt to discredit Royce's catalog, he, once again, tried to create further friction. This time, he took to Twitter where he referred to Royce as Eminem's "slave boy." "@royceda59 did u make your massa breakfast this morning slave boy??" Benzino tweeted along with several laughing emojis, though from the replies, it seems that he's the only one who found it funny.

If Zino thought that comment would be the be-all-end-all of the conversation, he was mistaken. The general rule of thumb in rap beef is to leave children and spouses out of it. However, given the nature of Zino's comments, it didn't take long for the gloves to come off entirely. Royce dragged Coi Leray, Benzino's daughter, into the beef, suggesting it would be more productive if the co-publisher of The Source spent more time being a father rather than a "Twitter goon."

"I’m gon take your daughter to the park and let her ride the swings if you don’t quit spending your whole day being a twitter goon. She pussy popping on a handstand on IG. Now go hug her and tell her she’s beautiful before Drake or Trey Songz does," he replied, though Zino wasn't going to allow Royce to have the final word. Resorting to Yo Mama jokes, Zino reminded Royce of his tenure on Love & Hip-Hop.


"nah slave my daughter won’t fuck with the help, she was raised around bosses.  but I will put my dick in your mothers mouth nickel. I’m sure she adored me on Love and Hip Hop," he tweeted. "while u at it tell your granny to suck my dick too pussy," he added roughly 10 hours later. 


No word from Coi Leray on the matter but Twitter surely had tons to say about the topic.