Though the bloody feud transpired nearly two decades ago, many fans still look back fondly on the notorious war between Eminem and Benzino. Despite the mental scars it may have left, given the sheer animosity and disdain both men had for one another -- not to mention the increased tension when Benzino joined forces with Ja Rule and Murda Inc -- the incendiary music that emerged from the Shady camp remains beloved by Em's fans to this day. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Unfortunately, the bad blood that exists between Eminem and Benzino continues to flow, with the latter having recently emerged to voice years of pent up resentment in a since-deleted Twitter rant. It's unclear as to what served to send Zino into a spiraling rage, but based on the inciting tweet, the Stans may very well have provoked him. "Face it stans y’all will always be hip hop goofiest most out of touch fan base Rolling on the floor laughing straight bozos," he writes, before later voicing that "all Stans are ugly awkward pussies that aren't accepted in the real black culture because of how goofy and out of touch they are in the streets."

While his anger originally appeared aimed at the Stans, he eventually brought it back to Eminem, whom he labeled "King Pussy," the leader of the motley pack. "All they do is worship a corny tailed park trash kkkrakkker who puts words together and knows nothing about our culture. He rhymes masturbator with elevator and all the corny white people go crazy, they goofy ass. He dresses in drag, let's men out their bare asses in his face." Though the tweets have been scrubbed, relics of the messages can be seen right here

Once the backlash began to roll in, popular reaction streamer NoLifeShaq -- a noted Eminem fan who once elicited a rare tweet from Slim himself -- found himself embroiled in the fray. Before long, Benzino was unleashing a hateful speech against him, going so far as to call him Eminem's "slave" and implying he's "tap-dancing for the red necks." Shaq wasted little time in retaliating, and his many fans swiftly went to war with the former Love & Hip-Hop star. Before long, Zino had cleared his timeline of his most disrespectful messages, with only the original anti-Stan message remaining; NoLifeShaq took to Instagram to declare a swift and decisive victory. "We trolled this man so much, he started deleting Tweets," reflects Shaq, reflecting on his recently inherited beef. 

For those interested in exploring this one further, be sure to check out NoLifeShaq's video recap of the situation below. It's not entirely unexpected to see Benzino continuing to harbor ill-will toward Em, especially following a few namedrops on "Killshot" and "Greatest." Still, it's hard not to think back to Em's closing line on "Nail In The Coffin," which remains particularly relevant in this situation: let it go dawg, it's over.