Aubrey O'Day Alleges Donald Trump Jr. Did Drugs When They Were Together

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The Danity Kane member, who is Donald Trump Jr.’s alleged former mistress, has recently taken it upon herself to expose his dirty secrets.

Aubrey O’Day has been putting Donald Trump Jr., on blast for the past several weeks, and it doesn’t appear she’ll be stopping anytime soon. So far, O’Day has claimed Trump Jr. hates his father, Ivanka Trump is a lesbian, and made other bold assertions about members of the Trump family’s true feelings about one another. 

O’Day met Trump Jr. in 2005, when she starred on Trump’s reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice. Trump Jr. worked on the show, and despite being married to his wife Vanessa, he allegedly began pursuing O’Day. The two were reportedly involved from late 2011 to March 2012. Over the last few days, as the election ramps up, O’Day returned to Twitter, equipped with some new controversial claims about her past involvement with Trump Jr. in hand. 

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The claims came in a plenty; she stated that she and Trump did drugs together, that he confessed to her that he hates his father, and finally, that the man on America's screens today is not the man she fell in love with, saying she thinks he "hates what he's become deep down."

As far as the drugs the two dabbled in, O'Day says it was not cocaine: "We did drugs together. Cocaine was never one of them, he never showed any interest."

When someone asked about a signing an NDA, O'Day claimed, "He loved me as his soulmate, lol.. I have no NDA’s."

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