Shaq is a man of many talents which is something that comes in very handy when there is absolutely nothing to do in the world. Of course, the entire world has been shut down due to the Coronavirus and now, we are all stuck at home looking for things to do. There are no sports on TV which means we all have to find something else to watch and do. Luckily, Shaq has all of those bases covered at his home where he is currently staying with his sons.

On Monday night, Shaq took to Instagram where he revealed that he was holding a dance party in his kitchen. In the video below, you can see Shaq with his DJ equipment on the kitchen counter while his sons dance to the music. It was a pretty cool sight to see especially considering the circumstances.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen some pretty entertaining shows on Instagram. For instance, numerous producers and songwriters have battled it out over IG Live. We have also seen numerous DJ sets that have received hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

Perhaps with this trend growing in popularity, we will see Shaq perform live on IG. It would certainly be a great way to pass the time.