Let's face it, this quarantine has provided very little sports content. Athletes and analysts are bored out of their minds as there is simply nothing to do. Leagues are on pause and seasons are in a state of purgatory. No one knows what's going to come next and unfortunately, it's not looking too good for anyone. Regardless, we are all in this together and now that we have some extra time with our families, many are taking advantage.

One of those people is none other than NBA legend, Shaq. The former superstar has been spending time at home with his sons, Shaqir and Shareef. Shaqir has his very own TikTok and has been getting his dad to partake in the festivities. In the video below, Shaq brings the dad vibes as he tries to emulate the dance moves of his children. While his moves leave a lot to be desired, you can't help but commend him for trying.

With the NBA season destined to be on pause until the late summer, it will be interesting to see what Shaq and other analysts begin to do. Perhaps he will start doing breakdowns of old games he was a part of. If that's the case, his social media will certainly be must-watch material.

In the meantime though, boredom has prevailed.