Bia has been making waves in the music industry for a while now although as of late, fans have been garnering a much deeper appreciation for the artist and deservingly so. She has proven she can hang with the best of ’em and her latest track “Skate” is a demonstration of the talent she possesses.

With this new track, Bia finds herself over some wavy trap production, all while delivering some smooth bars about making money and leveling up. The lyrics are clever and the reference to the Stanley Cup is a rare instance of a hip-hop/hockey crossover.

Check out the track below, and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

I ain’t showin’ no love (Nah), only me I wanna thank (Thank you)
If they cut another check, fuck with me, I need it blank (Brrr)
Bitches think they competition, okay, cool, I need a prank (Haha)
If we talking ’bout these levels, I’m the highest in my rank