Former Disney Channel star Orlando Brown has been open about his struggles with his mental health in the past and it’s apparent that he has hit another rough patch in his recovery. The actor needs help, which is evidenced by a new video of him allegedly verbally berating his girlfriend in the car and threatening to slash her neck.

Whenever you see Orlando Brown’s name in the news, it’s usually never for anything positive, which is honestly saddening. The man once had a promising career in the entertainment business but his mental health took a backseat for many years, leading to this sort of behavior from him.

As reported by MTO News, the former child star is in an alleged new video yelling at his girlfriend and making several threats against her life.

Orlando Brown Threatens To Kill Alleged Girlfriend On Video: Report
Scott Eells/Getty Images

“Stop playing, n***a! Before I slash your fucking neck, n***a,” screams Brown, filming his girlfriend as she drives. She attempts to de-escalate the situation by placing her hand on his thigh to calm him down but that only made things worse.

“Now you wanna touch on me, n***a? Bitch, shut up before I knock you the fuck out,” he says. 

In the video, the woman is silent the entire way, showing very little emotion throughout the shouting match. The video is below, where you can see it all go down.

Somebody get this man some help.