It goes without saying that pop stars Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish share a mutual love and respect for each other, with Biebz even getting very emotional recently when discussing his protective feelings over the younger singer. Billie has been an admitted “Belieber” since before she became a GRAMMY goddess, and she doubled down on her fandom while appearing in the season finale of his Seasons YouTube series.

“Anything that he makes at all, I’m excited about,” the “No Time To Die” singer gushingly said about her music idol, although she got a bit gross when she followed up by adding, “I don’t care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store. I’m excited! Anything that Justin makes, I’m ready to go.” We don’t recommend you guys envision that sort of undying devotion, but at least she was able to clean it up a bit with a more understandable explanation by stating, “I would say that he’s doing better and that makes me so happy because, you know, I like, care about him more than, like, anyone in my life. The fact that he’s just moving forward and going, and going, and going, is huge. I think it’s bigger than all of us even realize because it’s easy to stop.”

You can watch “The Finale” of Justin Bieber: Seasons below, which also features interviews with Quavo, Usher, Big Sean and others, but only if you’re subscribed to YouTube Premium: