It looks like French Montana is putting an end to his so-called “beef” with Young Thug. On Saturday, the Coke Boy rapper jumped on IG live with Fat Joe and opened up about his recent feud with Thugger, saying he doesn’t have real beef with the ATL rapper and it was all “miscommunication.” He says with Ramadan going on, he’s trying to be positive and not start any trouble.

French even compared his previous beef with Jim Jones to start out, saying he’s a loyal guy and will be stand up for himself at every situation when it comes to people calling him out. 

“All I did was stand up for myself at every situation. The Jim Jones beef that was Max B beef. He’s my brother so his beef is my beef…. So that’s what type of guy I am,” French begins saying. “Your not gonna come out and call me a fool knowing it’s about something else and had nothing to do with me and Kendrick. It was wack and I hate that it happened like that.”

French then continued: “This is Ramadan and it’s my second day fasting. I want to do the positive thing here and stay out the way of trouble. ‘Cause at the end of the day, me, Thug and Kendrick are all different artists. I want everybody to do their thang. I don’t got no beef with him. It wasn’t no real beef. It was a miscommunication about something,” he adds before the clip abruptly ends. 

The two rappers started going at it earlier in the week when Thugger came to the defense of Kendrick Lamar, after French requested to battle K. Dot hit for hit on IG live. French didn’t appreciate Thugger nosing his way into their business and the two proceeded to diss one another on IG all week long, but not before French looks to have put an end to it today thankfully.

Check out the clip (below) and sound off in the comments.