Remember when Rihanna made music? Singer, songwriter, and business mogul Rihanna has been dropping hints that she’s been sitting on an unreleased album since late 2019. 

The 32-year-old icon has left anxiously-awaiting fans hanging for months while she has put the release of R9 on pause in order to pursue endeavors in other industries, the most recent of which has been the launch of her skincare line, Fenty Skin. Singer Skylar Gray however, took to Instagram to post a video of some of her unreleased songs, including a reggae-influenced song that she worked with Diplo on for Rihanna’s upcoming album. 

“I was working with Diplo on a song for Rihanna. Wrote this with a guy named Hymn. […] This was when Rihanna was supposedly doing some kind of reggae album. I don’t know if she’s still making a reggae album or what, but this is a song we did for it. I don’t have the whole song, I’m just going to play you a piece of it, and it probably won’t sound great because it’s an iPhone recording of the speakers,” said Grey.

After releasing her 8th studio album, Anti, in 2016, Rihanna took a step back from music and dove into the world of entrepreneurship, where she has since been devastating the wallets of consumers worldwide. When many reputable makeup brands were going under fire for their lack of diverse color ranges in their products in 2017, Rihanna came through with the launch of her makeup company Fenty Beauty that September, which had a whopping 40 foundation shades and quickly became a holy grail brand among makeup lovers. In 2019, Rih launched her luxury apparel brand with French corporation LVMH, home to renowned luxury fashion houses by the likes of Celine, Dior, and Fendi, followed by the release of her skincare line in 2020. 

While news recently surfaced that Rihanna’s company filed a trademark application for tableware, fans are hoping her next move will be gracing their ears with the new music we’ve been oh-so-patiently been waiting for.