Rich Homie Quan’s melodic palette has seen a sizable change since harmonizing with fellow Atlanta songwriter Young Thug over the course of Rich Gang That Tour Vol. 1, and while much of the rapper’s new Royal Rich tape feels post-Thug in delivery, “Throw It Back” sounds like something that could have lived on 2013’s I Promise I Will Never Stop Goin In.

Reuniting with Izze The Producer, Quan proves why he carried much of the emotional weight of the Rich Gang tape, reeling in his voice on the hook for a delicate refrain that proves his songwriting dynamics are getting stronger with every release.

Quotable Lyrics:
She said ‘Quan, you ain’t gotta cheat when you got me’
‘Think about all the bad bitches we could do’
Though that was your bitch
‘Til I took her home, now you got the sad face
Funny, how I’m in the top top 5
When last year I was in last place