If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a shift happening in the entertainment industry. Celebrities and influencers are being dropped from brands left and right, people are being called out for their past behaviors or social media posts, and every day it seems as if someone new is apologizing over a photo or video that has gone viral. On Monday (June 15), mega-famous evangelical pastor Louie Giglo sat down for a chat with rap star Lecrae, and during their talk, Giglio said he wanted to change “white privilege” to “white blessing” so it didn’t carry the stigma of guilt, but of the blessing that slavery was because it helped build the United States.


As expected, the backlash was heavy, and it didn’t take long for Giglio to issue an apology. People slammed Lecrae, as well, because in the video that circulated, he sat there and nodded without speaking up. Later, Lecrae said he did speak with Giglio about the remarks, but for T.I., that wasn’t enough. On Tuesday, the rapper spent a few minutes on Instagram Live where he spoke about the controversy, mentioning that while he admires Lecrae’s kindness and humility, he wouldn’t have handled the situation in the same way.

“[Lecrae] exercised extreme caution, and I respect that, because I would’ve tested [his jaw probably,” T.I. said. Then, he spoke about Louie Giglio and his apology. “Nah, bruh. That’s what I keep trying to tell y’all. They can give a f*ck less about what we think or how we feel. They only care about how much we spend.” As far as T.I. is concerned, when Giglio saw that people, of all ethnic backgrounds, were pulling their support from his ministry, the pastor came forward to apologize, yet he confidently made his racially-insensitive remarks proudly. Check out T.I. speaking about Lecrae and Louie Giglio below.