YG & Lil Tjay Look Back At The Come-Up On “Hate On Me”

YG and Lil Tjay have some questions in the moody “My Life 4Hunnid” cut.

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YG & Lil Tjay Look Back At The Come-Up On “Hate On Me”blur mask

YG dropped his latest album My Life 4Hunnid this morning and it's full of interesting features that bring out the best of the new styles the rapper's been developing.

In other words, YG has grown a lot since the "Toot It & Boot It" days, stepping out of his West Coast ratchet anthem bag to experiment with different regional styles.

He enlists New York's Lil Tjay for an unusually poignant hook over a simple guitar-based beat from producers Go Grizzly, Sool Got Hits & Nas Moore that sounds like it could've been made for a mid-2000s R&B singer.

You can't blame YG for having trust issues and he revisits the topic of loyalty again on this one. The autotune on his voice strangely brings out the emotion in his voice, sounding exasperated as he begs, "my day one, please don't change, stay committed/just give me some time and it's gone make sense my n***a/cause I wanna trust you/cause I love you."

Check out "Hate On Me" below. What are your thoughts on My Life 4Hunnid?

Quotable Lyrics

I don't know why they hate on me
Police hit my house, yeah, they did that raid on me
They was tryna catch me slipping with that thing on me
They should've known it was in that safe homie
Poker face, you know I got that spade on me
You n****s be bugging, I got that Raid on me
Paranoid touching, they might change on me
But all the goons, that's how I deal with the fame homie

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