Golden State Warriors fans have had a lot to cheer about over the course of the last five years. Barring their horrific season this year, the Warriors have made it to the last five NBA Finals and have even won a grand total of three championship. Their core during that time was none other than Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and even Kevin Durant for a couple of years. 

Over the past year, Green has been exposed without Steph and Klay in the lineup. Regardless, some Warriors fans seem to think Green could have locked down Shaq while the big man was in his prime. In a recent Twitter exchange, Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets humbled Warriors fans who thought this to be the case.

“Warriors Twitter was drunk off of dynasty champagne. Understandable, but everybody sobers up eventually,” Dinwiddie wrote. These comments came after choosing between two teams that contained numerous legends. He even picked Team A (LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Shaq and Giannis) over a team consisting of his Nets teammates, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Dinwiddie made sure to note that he wasn’t dissing his teammates and that he simply couldn’t bet against someone like Shaq.

Warriors fans probably won’t take too kindly to these comments but hey, such is life.