Love it or hate it, Lizzo will continue to show off her body. The Grammy Award-winning singer is known for being a spokesperson for body positivity, and often, her plus-sized figure becomes a polarizing topic in pop culture. For as many people who praise Lizzo for being proud of the skin she’s in, there are others who degrade the singer for showing off her fuller physique.

Lizzo Preaches Body Positivity In Bare Backside Thirst Trap
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

On Monday (April 20), Lizzo showed the world once again just what she’s working with by sharing a video to Instagram. She can be seen posing for the camera as she’s wearing black lingerie. In the caption, Lizzo wrote a message encouraging her followers to do the same by showing kindness to a body part that they may feel insecure about.

“It’s been a long ass day 😫 🍑🤎 focus on a body part u don’t like about yourself and show it some love today,” she wrote. “This quarantine has a lot of people suffering from mental health issues because we can’t get out and do our normal coping/self care routines…. self hatred was starting to creep up on me but I gotta remember I’m 110% that b*tch 💁🏾‍♀️ love you!” Check out Lizzo’s thirst trap below.