Bfb Da Packman has one of the more unique origin stories in hip hop.

After running into some trouble in his native Flint, Michigan, he decided to make a change and move to Houston, where he took a job with the USPS. He began to work on his rap career in between his shifts at the post office and it slowly took off.

The rapper garnered some buzz earlier this year with his single “Free Joe Exotic” with fellow Michigan rapper Sada Baby. His hilarious bars (“She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping/Ol lying ass b*tch, my dick ain’t that big) and energetic flow brought viral attention to the game’s best rapper/mailman.

He seems to have found a formula that works for him. He continues his no-hook approach and reunites with “Free Joe Exotic” producer Enrgy Beats for his new single with Wiz Khalifa, “Fun Time.”

According to a statement released by Da Packman’s team, “this song is going to make you up roll up a joint and eat a dozen donuts.”

You can check out the new video for “Fun Time” here. When was the last time someone brought this much humour and bars into the game?

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t suck my b*tch titty cause her nipple sensitive
Sent her straight to Dr. Miami to get her titties bigger
Twitter n___ said he want a brick, I sold him kitty litter
Achoo, oh Lord, I don’t got corona
My brother ran off on the plug, but I don’t condone it
Bunch of young thugs running with me, but they not no stoners
Big, big Glock sticking out my pants, b*tch, it’s not a boner