Kodak Black had been warned by many people, including Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz, that he should slow down and start focusing solely on music. The controversial star didn’t listen to his friends though, choosing to continue living life on the dangerous side and learning the hard way that, once he got caught, things wouldn’t be easy for him. Now, Kodak Black is being forced to spend the next four years behind bars. Speaking with VladTV in a new interview, Boosie revisited the topic, telling Kodak that he needs to grow up and learn from his mistakes. 

“Every gangster gotta lay down,” said Boosie in a new interview pertaining to Kodak Black. Despite making some “bad moves,” Boosie knows that prison may end up teaching the rapper some much-needed lessons about life. However, he believes that it would be beneficial for the artist to spend time in general population and not in a protected environment. 

“I don’t know Kodak but, if he a G, he going to pop man. Ain’t nobody finna sit in no damn cell and can’t hug at visits… He gotta adjust! It’s gon’ make your time go faster, it gon’ make your head more focused on tight. You gotta get in population, man,” said Bosie Badazz. The rapper went on to explain that all his lawyer needs to do is write out a letter detailing that Kodak is alright with being placed in pop, even though he’s a public figure. He explains that Black will adjust quickly, having grown up in the hood.

Do you think Kodak Black will get out better than ever in four years?