Wale is out here trying to get the bag, using his platform to lobby for Ellen DeGeneres’ job.

As you likely know by now, there is a pretty big to-do being made about Ellen and the “toxic” environment behind-the-scenes of her show. Countless actors, comedians, artists, and entertainers are defending the talk show host but the people who have worked on her show are standing tall, calling her out for nurturing such a negative environment to work in.

People have been offering their own services to replace her on the job, if she does indeed step down or get removed from her position, including James Corden who is reportedly in discussions to take over. One man begs to differ though, throwing his name in the hat with a few posts on Twitter.


“Wow in 2021 jcole will be in the nba and I will be in the xfl … that’s crazy,” wrote Wale on Twitter. He is referring to J. Cole’s NBA workout offer with the Detroit Pistons, manifesting his own move to sports by stating his interest in playing in the XFL, which was recently purchased by The Rock

He later clarified his Ellen takeover.


“And [I’ll] be hostin Ellen,” wrote the rapper. “I’m hosting Ellen and I’m wearing an agbada on my first episode every guest will receive a Rolex. I went to a pwi and two HBCUs I’m qualified and chaotic. Can’t wait to bring Aki and PawPaw to ellen show.”

While it would be easy to brush aside his comments as jokes, he’s fully into the idea of hosting the show.


“One day closer to hostin Ellen .. I think I would like King Sunny Ade to perform ‘Merciful God’ because we need it,” he wrote today.

Do you think Wale would be a good talk show host?