Jaguar Wright Claims The Roots Knew R. Kelly Was A Pedophile

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Jaguar Wright says that The Roots told her to be silent about R. Kelly bringing underage girls to the studio if she wanted to keep her career.

Jaguar Wright has been making headlines after calling out The Roots, Erykah Badu, Common, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, and more. She accused Common of sexual assault and also made some harsh claims about The Roots. It seems as though she was not finished there though because a new video is making the rounds on social media, showing the veteran recording artist speaking about The Roots and their affiliation with R. Kelly, accusing them of knowing that he was having sex with underage girls in the studio.

The neo-soul singer says that she was once told to remain silent after calling out how R. Kelly was always getting his driver to pick up girls from middle schools around the area.

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"I know how grimy these n***as is," said Wright. "I know how thirsty they are and I know nobody’s going to say nothing or do nothing, ’cause as long as you making people money, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Look at R. Kelly."

She goes on to claim that The Roots were well aware of R. Kelly's sexual activity with underage girls.

"The Roots was around when that n***a was in the A Room sending his motherfucking driver off to go get girls from-- what was that middle school?" asks Jaguar Wright.

She then recalled how she asked about it before allegedly being told to keep quiet if she ever wants to keep rising in the music industry.

"Everybody knew what the fuck was going on in that room but I was told to mind my motherfucking business if I wanted to keep my career," she added. "A member of The Roots told me, ‘That ain’t none of your business. That man makes people millionaires.’ You fucking thirsty bitches."

What do you make of Jaguar Wright's latest allegations?

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