Less than 24 hours since issuing an apology, the beef between O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole has become downright savage. Things turned ugly after the rapper was captured on Instagram Live saying disparaging things about Keyshia’s personal hygiene, a move that her sister Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh didn’t appreciate. Following his remarks, Keyshia shared a few insults on Twitter, without specifically naming O.T. Genasis, and Neffe wrote a lengthy message on Instagram to him, as well.


O.T. was willing to bury the hatchet with Keyshia, but it doesn’t look like things are going to smooth things over with Neffe anytime soon. “I almost went to jail onetime…FOR SELLING CRACC TO YO MOMMA,” he wrote to Neffe in a text image that he shared on Instagram. Not long after, he posted a photo of Keyshia and Neffe’s mother Frankie Lons who is currently in rehab getting help for drug addiction. “ALEXA PLAY -Touch my body by Mariah Carey,” O.T. wrote in the caption. Meanwhile, Neffe has been sharing a few posts of her own, and she’s certainly not happy with the rapper.

“Them little fingers is going Chile!! I Bet you feel so gangsta right now don’t you!” she wrote over on her IG page. “Listen Lil Bill is it’s clear to see your Pouting behind that phone, I gave you a chance to be a Woman about it but your persistent on proving your a #MessyBottom 😂 can someone set up a Boxing match with Miss mammas so I can show him what real Women do 👀 @otgenasis.”

And that was just the beginning. Check out these two go back and forth while reading through all of the messages below.