CyHi The Prynce got pretty close to bringing Joe Budden out of retirement but, at the end of the day, his scheme to exchange diss tracks did not end up working. We’re still crossing our fingers that Budden reconsiders his decision to throw away the SM58 for a set-up ideal for podcasting. Celebrating the three-hundredth episode of his highly-celebrated show this week, Budden, Rory, and Mal wanted to get some special guests on the phone to poach congratulatory messages from them. Having made tons of music with Royce Da 5’9″ as part of Slaughterhouse, it only made sense to get the man on the phone to celebrate 300 and, during their conversation, he noted that his upcoming album might even bring us closer to our hope that Budden returns to rap.

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Joe Budden His New Album Will Bring Him Out Of Retirement">
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After discussing the “Black Savage” record that Royce recently dropped, the highly-skilled lyricist was asked by Joe Budden about his upcoming album. The Detroit native is planning out his next full-length release and, according to the artist himself, it might be enough for Joe to come out of retirement. 

Teasing an upcoming appearance on the podcast, Royce told Joe that his new album would be exactly what he needs to return to rap. “I’m coming to see you first but I’m telling you, my album gon’ bring you out of retirement,” he said. “The only reason why I think it’s gonna make you wanna rap, Joe, is that I can tell you just looking for a reason to wanna rap. You’re literally baiting people into conversations to bait you into rapping.”

Budden knows that Royce isn’t lying on that last point, co-signing the statement by saying his Slaughterhouse buddy knows him too well. Do you think Royce can bring Joe out of retirement?