Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, formerly played football at UCLA but after leaving that program, he started dabbling in the modelling game and now, some new photos are showing people just how seriously he’s taking the career change. Broadus ended up going viral this week after a series of pictures from a recent modelling shoot circulated the web, showing the 22-year-old dressed in androgynous fashions, including eyeliner, a pink blouse, lace garments, and earrings. 

Snoop Dogg's Son Wears Makeup & Women's Clothing In Photos
JP Yim/Getty Images

Cordell Broadus is no stranger to the runway, previously showing out for Philipp Plein in September 2017, but this is a major departure from what we’re used to seeing him rock. The Prince-inspired shots have caused quite a stir, with many sharing homophobic remarks in the comments to the pictures. 

Broadus has since reflected on the photos, recording a video of himself on his Instagram Story. “I was embodying a role, that shit was on masculinity and I channelled my inner Prince, I channelled my inner Rick James, and I don’t understand it. Whenever other artists that are not black wear makeup, paint their nails or put eyeliner on, society doesn’t put a label on them,” said Broadus. “Me being an artist, I don’t follow the rules. So you can miss me with all the opinions and labelling.”

What do you think of Cordell’s response? Check out the photos in question below.