Snoop Dogg's son, Cordell Broadus, has quit the UCLA Bruins football team. If it sounds like you've heard this before it's because it has happened before.

Just last year, Cordell, one of the top high school wide receivers in the country, quit the team just prior to their 2015 campaign to pursue other interests in film, but recently rejoined back in March because he "missed the game."

Apparently, he forgot what he was missing because sources say his head just wasn't in the game and he has just announced that he's hanging up his cleats for good this time.

According to TMZ;

Cordell Broadus was not with the rest of the team at the first day of training camp Monday morning -- raising some red flags. Plus, L.A. Daily News reporter Thuc Nhi Nguyen says he wasn't on the official roster.

Now, UCLA associate director of communications Steve Rourke confirms ... he's NOT on the team. 

Whatever his reasons may be, Snoop ain't trippin about his son's decision to drop the sport and is going to support him no matter what lane he chooses to pursue.