Joe Rogan doesn’t usually hold his tongue. He usually speaks out on his beliefs, and when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein, he’s made his view on the matter abundantly clear by way of a series of memes and hashtags– namely– #JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself. The hashtag has become commonplace across the internet in the wake of his death. If, for some reason you’re not up to speed– Epstein was a financier with connections to many a high and powerful people. He was reported to have supplied said high and powerful people with underage girls, resulting in sex trafficking charges.

He had already served time for soliciting an underage girl back in 2008, and was a registered sex offender when he was arrested last summer. About one month after his arrest, he was found dead in his jail cell in New York. Officials ruled it a suicide, however, Epstein’s brother (among many others) claim it a homicide. Epstein’s brother hired a pathologist who also concluded it was a more likely a homicide than a suicide– especially considering the amount of volatile information that Epstein had in regards to powerful figures, and a series of other missteps including the lack of camera footage.

Joe Rogan Fans Blast Him Over Lack Of Jeffrey Epstein Questions On This Episode
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Now that you’re up to speed– Joe Rogan’s recent guest, Adam Perry Lang, was actually a personal chef to Epstein at one point, as confirmed in unsealed court testimony. You would think then, that Rogan would have asked Lang a question or two about Epstein, but he didn’t touch the topic at all, much to the dismay of his listeners. Rogan’s comment section on YouTube has become filled with criticism about the lack of questioning around Epstein on Perry Lang, as well as his twitter page.

“This guy was Jeffery Epstein private chef and Joe is obsessed with him and there is no mention of Jeffery Epstein in this whole podcast ?,” one commenter on YouTube questioned. Another wrote, “Very dissapointed with Joe. This guy was Epstein’s personal chef and flew in the lolita express. Joe should have asked questions, like if he saw underaged girls there and WITH WHO. Joe not even asking 1 question about Epstein is the worse thing he could have done. Now this guy doesn’t get to either help clear up the story or clear his name and Joe comes off as complicit in a coverup.”

A twitter user responded to Joe, “No mention of his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein? I refuse to believe Joe does not know of his ties to Epstein.” Many others echoed this similarly.

Joe Rogan Fans Blast Him Over Lack Of Jeffrey Epstein Questions On This Episode
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Instead, the two had a rather long conversation about steak and the restaurant business in the wake of COVID-19.

What do you think? Should Rogan have asked about his relationship with Epstein? 

Stay tuned, as today’s guest on Rogan is none other than Elon Musk.