While Drake is brutally honest in his songs, he has a tendency to get mysterious on social media. Remember his 2015 Instagram post with “thoughts brought to you by the shaky warrior”? What was up with that? People are still unpacking it to this very day. Drizzy got in one of these moods early Saturday morning (Mar. 7) when sharing an IG story that is… so metaphorical. 

He compares the recent roadblocks in his life to an unfortunate Jolly Rancher-related scenario. Over an image taken in a dark vehicle driving through the night, the shaky warrior wrote: “I had a crazy few days where I feel like I can’t win… then I just opened a cherry jolly rancher and it dropped on the floor of the car… then I looked in the pack and realized that was the last cherry one and it was just a down moment that summed up a series of tough moments and I felt like ok I get it this is my L’s I gotta take in sequence… and then I turned my iPhone light on and realized a watermelon was a cherry so I got one… blessings to all y’all it’s always there you just gotta find it.”

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Drake Uses Jolly Rancher Metaphor To Express His Struggles">

So, what started out as a rather bleak message took a hopeful turn in the end. We don’t know what “L’s” Drake is referring to, but his track record proves he will always come out on top. Life Is Good. Anyway, is he even right about the cherry Jolly Rancher being the best flavour?