Homer Simpson Assists Lizzo In Naked Message To The Haters: "Kiss My A**"

Lizzo did that.

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We're can't confirm what sparked Lizzo's recent PSA to her haters but the "Truth Hurts" singer came in hot with her latest Instagram share that has just one message: "kiss my ass, doh!" The singer, who's been nominated for eight Grammys, posted an image to her feed that sees her bare ass as she takes a mirror selfie of her favorite asset. 

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The post - that also features Homer Simpson with Lizzo's butt as lips - pulled in all kinds of reactions, one, in particular, was from Lil Nas X who pleaded for "more please." Aside from the other comments of love from the nude photo, some commenters shamed Lizzo for posting such an image detailing how it's "lil inappropriate." 

However, Lizzo's stans clapped back citing Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. "If cardi B or Nicki did it nobody would have anything to say though right. Haters!!" one user wrote, while another added:

"IF YOU DONT LIKE IT UNFOLLOW HER!!!!! And STOP with the “you have little girls looking up to you” ish! My daughter LOVES her and she won’t see this why because SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT A PLACE FOR CHILDREN AND IF THEY HAVE IT AND SEE THIS ITS THE PARENTS FAULT FOR NOT MONITORING WHAT THEY’RE DOING!"

Peep the nude image here.

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