Lil Pump Shaved His Eyebrows Because Of “Tiger King” Star Carole Baskin

Lil Pump suggested that he shaved his eyebrows off in honour of “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin’s late husband, whom many believe was murdered by Carole.

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Lil Pump Shaved His Eyebrows Because Of “Tiger King” Star Carole Baskin

The reason Lil Pump decided to shave his eyebrows off has been revealed, and, according to the rapper himself, it has something to do with Tiger King. If you've been scratching your head ever since Pump debuted his new look on Instagram, wondering why on earth he would shave his eyebrows off, don't worry, you're not alone. The man is known for his unexpected antics, but his most recent shenanigans involved completely removing both his eyebrows from his face. Pump showed off his new look via Instagram on Thursday, declaring, "I'm a alien now." However, he provided zero explanation for why he decided to do this, until now.

Lil Pump Shaved His Eyebrows Because Of "Tiger King" Star Carole Baskin
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Pump posted a video on his Instagram story, revealing what inspired him to make the bold move. Putting on a Florida accent to imitate the way the stars of the Netflix docu-series, Tiger King, speak, Pump indicated that this was all Carole Baskin's fault.

“So the reason I shaved my eyebrows," he began "is 'cause that b*tch Carole Baskin, god damn it, she killed her husband and fed him to the god damn tigers!" Ever since the big cat conservatory series debuted on Netflix, it has become widely believed by most viewers that Baskin was involved in the mysterious death of her ex-husband, Don Lewis. It looks like Pump is onboard with this theory, even going so far as to shave his eyebrows off in rage. Although he's most likely joking, it could also be some kind of sacrificial tribute to Don. Pump followed up this explanation with a photo of himself flipping off the camera from back when he still had eyebrows, writing, "THAT STUPID B*TCH CAROL BASKIN."

Shouldn't have killed your husband, Carole. Pump might still have eyebrows right now.

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