It's been nearly two years since the release of Lil Pump's last album, Harverd Dropout, though he has continued to release loose singles and collaborations. However, it appears that he's expanding past just hip-hop and into the world of punk. Taking to the 'Gram recently, he shared a snippet of a new song that strays away from hip-hop entirely. But what stood out more was the rapper's latest stylistic choice of shaving his eyebrows.

Now, Lil Pump has been known for his left-field choices in life so the attempt at making punk music and the fact that he shaved his eyebrows shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Nonetheless, Russ chimed in with his apparent concern. "Someone who cares bout him needs to call him ASAP," Russ commented underneath Akademiks' post. Though it seems incredibly unlikely that Russ actually holds any sort of care in his heart towards the leader of the "F*ck Russ" bandwagon, Pump reached equally petty levels in his response. "@russ you sister called to check I'm all good," Pump wrote along with a winking emoji. 

Considering Pump hasn't mentioned Russ' name in recent times, it seems a little odd that the "Best On Earth" rapper would randomly chime in. However, we can't deny that Pump looks odd without any eyebrows. Peep Lil Pump and Russ' exchange below.