As we all know, Apryl Jones and Fizz are very much a couple proving that Moniece Slaughter was right all along when she dropped hints about the duo’s relationship many episodes ago on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Joe Budden responded to the coupling on Twitter just yesterday when he wrote that Omarion (Apryl’s baby daddy) doesn’t get “enough credit” considering he and Fizz are B2K members.

“Lol #MrPumpitUp clout chasing now,” Fizz responded. Now, Apryl has come through with a response of her own when she uploaded a video to Instagram that sees her going off about how happy she is and questions why everyone’s so mad. “It’s the best dick of my life. It really genuinely is, I can’t even be mad I can’t not be happy because the happiness comes from just being happy. […] Ya’ll tryna really make me mad but I don’t know how to be mad, I’m not a mad person,” she said.

The rest of the video sees Apryl explain how happy she is to have a great group of friends and a partner to get sexual with. We can only assume that man laughing in the background of the video is Fizz himself – check it out below.