Megan Thee Stallion Explains How Beyoncé "Savage" Remix Came To Be

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Megan Thee Stallion tells the story of how Beyoncé ended up hopping on the remix of her song, "Savage."

It was a glorious moment for all of us when Megan Thee Stallion came out with a remix of her song, "Savage," off her latest mixtape, Suga, and none other than the Queen herself, Beyoncé, was featured on it. The drop caught everyone by surprise on Wednesday (April 29th), and it looks like even (or especially) Megan was shocked to hear that Beyoncé wanted to put her own spin on the popular TikTok jam. 

Meg virtually sat down with Ebro on Beats 1 for an interview on Friday (May 1st) to discuss how the "Savage" remix with Beyoncé was born. Ebro asked her if a collab between the two of them had been in the works ever since Meg and Bey hung out on New Years Eve last year, but she assures him it was a much more recent development. “They had a New Year’s Eve party at the house, so, no, it didn’t come from that day, that was like legit my first time meeting Beyoncé," she explained. “I got a call one day, and they were like, “Yeah, Beyoncé’s going to do a remix of 'Savage,' and I was like, 'Shut the f*ck up.' I didn’t believe it." Once they started cooking it up, though, it was kept totally under wraps. "Nobody knew I was working on the song, nobody knew we was working on the song," Meg revealed. "I didn’t tell my best friend, I didn’t tell nobody on my team. I didn’t tell anybody."

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Once the fateful day arrived, though, it was a surreal moment for Meg. “I woke up and I was like—because I knew the song was coming out, but, it was still like, ‘Is it really gonna drop? Are we doing this for real for real?’" she said. "And, I mean, I cried, like, I had to call my grandma...I really can’t believe it, because being from Houston, Beyoncé is just Queen. That’s all you know. There’s no debate, there’s nothing else to say. Who’s better than Beyoncé?”

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"I talked to her after the song came out—she was just super supportive," Meg continued, referring to Bey. "Every time I see her she’s always telling me, 'Keep going, keep going hard, you really got it, do you.' She’s somebody that really inspired me too, so just to know that Beyoncé even has heard any of my music or just has watched me as an artist come up doing what I’m doing and that she's rocking with me enough to even do a song with me, that’s really something that touched my heart because I looked up to Beyoncé since I was like young. It just seemed like a dream, but in the back of my head, I just always knew that at some point in my life I have to do a song with Beyoncé." It looks like you got your wish, Meg, and we couldn't be happier for you. Watch her full interview on Apple Music here.

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