Jadakiss is set to drop off his long-awaited new album Ignatius this Friday, with appearances from John Legend, Rick Ross, Pusha T, Ty Dolla $ign and more. Should you be so inclined, you can check out the full tracklist right here. With only a few more days until launch, Jadakiss came through to brave the early morning hours for an appearance on Everyday Struggle, where he linked up with Akademiks, Nadeska, and Wayno to discuss his new album, his place in the industry, Diddy and Mase’s recent feud, the construction of the classic “Blackout” posse cut, and much more.

Jadakiss Talks "Blackout" With <a href="/profile/TheLox" class="text-word" target="_blank" >The Lox</a>, <a href="/profile/DMX" class="text-word" target="_blank" >DMX</a> & Jay-Z On Everyday Struggle
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Following the revelation that Styles P was firing subs at Jay-Z on “Reservoir Dogs,” Wayno asked if the same process occurred on the classic DMX posse cut “Blackout.” “When we did ‘Blackout,’ Ruff Ryders was where we wanted to be in a sense,” says Jada. “At that time we used to work on a couple albums at a time. If X’s budget was open we were able to work on The Lox album off of X’s budget. It could be The Lox budget, and Drag-On would be able to come in. We’d always get a two-for-one on whoever’s budget we was working on. At that time, we were working on X’s project and going to Cali to do it. We went to LA and went to the studio, that was the first song we did.”

“It was me, Styles, Louch. X didn’t record his verse yet, and Hov didn’t record his verse yet,” continues Jada. “Hov was going overseas on tour. He was actually sick. You can hear it, he had a cold if you hear his verse. That was the camp, it was just working. Nobody had an issue…For me that record was big cause I got a hip-hop quotable, which at that time was the thing to get.” Check out the full story below, and show some love to the legendary rapper right here in the comments.