We all know G-Unit is working on a new album for the fall, but could we be seeing a mixtape beforehand as well? According to Fif we are. 

In a new interview with Jenny Boom Boom, 50 Cent spoke on several issues going on his life right now, but the one thing that stuck out in the interview was the information retaining the upcoming G-Unit album, and mixtape. Yes, mixtape.

Around the 17:40 mark, Fif reveals that the G-Unit album is due out late November/early December and they are also working on a new mixtape which we assume will come out before that.

Fif says the crew is recording a new song a day, and if my math is correct, that’s plenty of songs for both an album and mixtape to be completed come Fall. So all these recent freestyles from G-Unit will most likely be a part of that mixtape.

Clearly, this wasn’t the only thing discussed throughout the 20 minute interview, but definitely the biggest catch. Earlier in the sit-down, Fif talked about Animal Ambition and why it was just meant to be a setup leading to his main album Street King Immortal which is due in September. He also speaks on the success of his new show on Starz called “Power” and much more.

Watch the full interview below, and check out the 17:40 mark when he mentions the mixtape.

[Via HHNM]


G-Unit Dropping A New Mixtape Before Its Album?