There have been many life changes for Cassie Ventura in this last year or so. The singer broke off a 10+ relationship with Diddy, began a new romance with Alex Fine, released new music, announced her pregnancy, and then got married. The whirlwind of events has caused the 33-year-old to become reflective on social media, and she once again took to her Instagram to share a few thoughts about how she’s changed in the last two years.

In a late Throwback Thursday photo, Cassie shared an image of herself staring out of a window. “Do you ever come across old pictures of yourself and get blown away by how much you’ve transformed?” she asked. “When I look at pictures it brings me back to the exact place and time where I can literally touch the feelings I was feeling, almost experiencing them all over again with a sense of calm. It’s a form of therapy for me.”

“This photo was of me in NY on May 31st, 2017,” she continued, before adding that she felt a sort of pity for her former self. “I feel sad for the girl in the picture because I know the personal demons she was battling, but I’m so excited for her growth to come. It’s bittersweet looking at this photo. This is a shout out to everyone on their journey! I’m still on mine and I hope that me sharing can help others know that there is so much joy in recognizing your growth every step of the way.” Read her full message and check out a few more recent shots of the singer below