Let's talk about the year that Cassie Ventura is having. The singer got out of a decade-long relationship earlier this year, which appeared to be going absolutely nowhere. Then, she nabbed a new man shortly afterwards, determining that he was the one for her. After mere months of dating, Cassie and Alex Fine are married now and they're also expecting their first child together. It's been an incredible 2019 for Cassie and things will only continue to get better. After it was revealed that the couple had tied the knot in Malibu, everybody started scouring through Diddy's social media pages to see if he would say anything. While his latest upload may have nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend, many are interpreting the cryptic post as a motivational message to himself that things will get better.


"Keep going, I've got you - The Universe," wrote Puff Daddy in a social post shortly after news broke of Cassie and Alex's romantic union. Of course, this isn't an official response to their wedding but the mere mystery behind his words are leading fans to speculate that he is still thinking about Cassie. 

In recent months, Diddy and Lori Harvey's rumored romance has started to heat up with both entertainers being spotted out on dates and vacations together. Do you think Puff will end up finding love with Harvey or is this just a fling?