As his name suggests, Trouble has gotten into some hot water after a woman accused him of physically assaulting her early New Year’s Day. Atlanta news outlet 11 Live reported on Wednesday that Trouble and the unnamed woman were involved in an altercation after leaving a party together. According to a report from the Atlanta Police Department, the incident began when the woman confronted Trouble after witnessing him grab another woman’s butt at the party, which they had attended together. Trouble and the woman were in a car when she accused him of the act, and at some point, Trouble told her “I got something for you.” In that moment, the woman claimed that she “feared for her life,” so she “called her sister so that she could know what happened before it happened,” and gave her sister Trouble’s license plate number.  

Trouble allegedly grabbed her out of the car by her hair, pulling off her wig. She also accused him of pushing her to the ground and causing her to chip her tooth and bruise her knuckles. According to the police report, her injuries were visible. Trouble has previously been involved in an on-and-off relationship with Love & Hip Hop star, Alexis Skyy, though the two appeared to have broken up again in October when Trouble was caught shooting his shit at Angela Simmons on his Instagram story.